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4 ways to make money on the internet

Written By nuriyati mauji on Monday, 21 October 2013 | Monday, October 21, 2013

Find money on the internet is one of the favorite ways of Indonesian society today . Internet is not just a communication tool , but also as a tool for making money . Indeed there are many ways to make money via the internet , but in this article I will discuss the five ways to make money through the internet . Please consider the following :
1 . Online shop
Open an online store much an option to start looking for money on the internet . It is an online store has its own advantages compared to offline stores . Online stores are marketed through the website , you can display photos and descriptions of products sold . If buyer is interested , they will contact you via email , yahoo messenger , or SMS . Capital Trust is a successful online store because prospective buyers do not see you in person . The tools necessary to start a business online store is : domain and hosting , web ecommerce and stock products .
2 . Dropshipping Business / Business Without Stock
Dropshipping business is one of my favorites , because in this business system , we do not need to stock the product . So we are just looking for any customer , stock and later affairs freight carried by the company . Every product sales , we could get a percentage commission . This business is a lucrative way to make money paluing via the Internet as easy , practical , and low-risk .
3 . filling Survey
Many companies are willing to spend money for the survey , this was one of the openings for the money . The trick is you fill in surveys that have been provided . Many companies survey provider , you can register one , follow the procedure works and the money can be obtained
4 . Blogging
Blogging activity could be a way to earn money through the internet . By blogging we can join pay per click program that will pay us every yng click advertising on our blog or you can also sell advertising space on the blog . At initnya if already rama blog visitors then earn money on the internet using blog will easily be realized .

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