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Written By nuriyati mauji on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 | Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In general, how to register BBM for Android is pretty easy , which is run BBM for Android app , then select Create a BlackBerry ID . However , some Android users apparently told to line up like the picture above . How to register BBM for Android without having to queue ?

Based on information from the Android Community ( 10/22/2013 ) , there is a trick to avoid the line up which sucks when you signed up BBM for Android . The trick ? When running the BBM app for Android and asked to enter an email address , then just input an email address , then click Next and do force close BBM for Android app .

How to turn off BBM for Android app is forced through the menu Settings >> Apps >> find BBM name and click Force Close . After BBM for Android app forced closed , then re-run the BBM app for Android and you will successfully registered and get a PIN without having to queue .

For users who have signed up or have a BlackBerry ID before duluncurkan BBM for Android app , you're lucky enough not to have to register and immediately click Sign In and BBM for Android app can be used .


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