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Written By nuriyati mauji on Friday, 25 October 2013 | Friday, October 25, 2013

The first step you need to do is boot the computer you can use Windows 8 installation media ( CD or USB flash ) . If you are using a virtual machine , boot from the installation iso image .
- When the file to load Windows 8 setup requires some time , where you will see most of the black screen , like in the image below :
windows 8

- The next step asks you to select the language , time and keyboard input settings you'll use . If you already decide then click Next . Like the example image below :
windows 8

- The next step to start the installation process windows 8 you click the " Install Now "
windows 8

- Then enter the product key is required to enable the installation of Windows 8 is usually listed on the packaging cakaram installation . If you have the product key memasukka click Next . After installation is complete , the same product key will be prompted to activate Windows 8 . Consider the following picture :
windows 8

- The next step is the license agreement , you check the box " I accept the license terms " and click the Next button
windows 8

- Specifies the option to choose between making an upgrade or custom installation . I recommend Choose " Custom : Install Windows only ( advanced ) "
windows 8

- Next you are asked to select the partition that you want to install Windows 8 . Select the partition you want and click Next . If you install Windows 8 in a virtual machine / the new computer / computers is only one partition you must first create a partition because only one partition so it can be separated through the Drive Options .
windows 8

- Then , create a new partition by clicking New .
windows 8

- You specify the partition size you want and then click Apply
You need to know : Windows 8 requires at least 10GB of space harrdisk , If you want to install another application should create a partition of 20 - 30GB or much as you want .
windows 8

- Next step will be asked to confirm . Click OK .
windows 8

- Make sure the correct partition is selected and click Next .
NOTE : At this stage you can also format the partition ( delete old windows ) in which Windows 8 will be installed , before you click Next.
windows 8

- Once you klikk next it will start the installation process . Wait a few menuit Setup process to copy all the necessary files and install the operating system .
windows 8

- When the installation is completed , Automatically Windows 8 setup will reboot system . After that , you will see the process of preparations being made for the first login
- Personalize Installing Windows 8
- After the reboot is complete , Windows 8 will require some time to prepare everything .
windows 8

- The next step , you'll be asked to provide a name for your computer and you can , choose the background color you want . Next, click Next .
windows 8

- If you install Windows 8 on a laptop or device with a wireless network card ( wifi ) , then you will be asked to choose a wireless network to connect and enter the appropriate password to connect to the wifi network . On a computer or device that is connected via cable to the network , you will not go through this step .
Next, select the option Express Settings or Customize . At this paraktek would I select the Customize option , then click Customize .

- Further requested to enable file sharing or not . Please Select who you want.

- Next will come the question to the desired settings in the Windows updates , security features such as SmartScreen Filter , Please Seuaikan your needs and then click Next .

- Adjust the settings if you want to send various types of information to Microsoft . Please set according to what you want and click Next .

- After that , look what option you want to turn it on . You can also set if the application can use the name and account picture , and if they are allowed to access your location . Set according to what you want if it is click Next.
windows 8

- To the extent the "Sign in to your PC " . My best advice is to use a Microsoft account ( hotmail email account , known as Windows Live ID ) . Type in your Microsoft account and click Next .

Note : click the "Sign in without a Microsoft account " If you do not sign in with Microsoft , at the bottom of the window and then follow the instructions shown by the setup wizard .
- Next, enter your password / account password Microsoft . After that click Next .

- Enter the e - mail and phone number alternatives to recover your account passwords , This is for security if one day you forget or changed by others . and then click Next.

- Please wait a while until the process is complete .
- If all has selaesai , it will show the Windows 8 Start Screen .
- You can also see the classic desktop the way you press Win + D keys or click on the Desktop tile .

Thus this post on Steps or How To Install Windows 8 Final .


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