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the newest way to get Google Pagerank 2013

Written By nuriyati mauji on Friday, 25 October 2013 | Friday, October 25, 2013

the newest way to get Google Pagerank

1 . link Building

There have been many webmasters that explains the importance of link building including myself . Link building is the process for making and increase the number and quality of inbound links , ie links pointing to a page of your blog / website . But to do link building is also no provisions , which form a natural link building . Because too many link building in a yard is not good , it will be considered spam by Google and are at high risk .

Basically link building is composed of two techniques , namely :

Internal links are links that are related to the link in the article to other articles link in the blog .
External links is an attempt to build a reference from a blog / website through the links that point to your blog / site specific .
To link building from external link you can do so by getting links from websites or websites berkuailtas a dofollow status .

2 . Write Original Articles

Besides writing articles original and not copy and paste , you also have to know the ratio of targeted keywords with total letters in it . Thus the possibility artkel you to the main page position in SERP greater . Thus when the position of blogs or articles that we write could be in the main page of the search engines especially Google , are also larger number of clicks from unique visitors . So that the level of interest our blog or article higher , and this gives a separate assessment by google pagerank that would give the blog or website that we have.


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