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latest technology in 2013

Written By nuriyati mauji on Friday, 25 October 2013 | Friday, October 25, 2013

pilot Parking
It works like this . Parkirkan special Audi in the parking lot , then leave . Choose an open area with the use of smart phone applications and let the car do the rest myself . Vehicles will use the camera Light Detection and Ranging ( LIDAR ) for automatic parking , the car will record and do the opposite when you want to go .

Ford and Toyota already have an application like this , and the presence of human remains in the wheelhouse is still needed to prevent any untoward incident . Legal also tried advantage of this feature in the Ford Focus , the conclusion can only be parked on-site parallel and require a relatively large space .

Wi - Fi Hot Spot In Cab
Contemporary man usually always online at home or at work , even at school . Now online can be anywhere including while traveling by car , it most phones can already do it myself but the Wifi version better. Ram 1500 with Uconnect Access can do so up to within 45 meters . Package containing a 3G cellular modem , god connection , and Wi - Fi hotspot for many gadgets .


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